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1. Use the Measuring Guide to choose your model based on the size of your instrument.

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2. Choose your options:

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4. Ear Gear Installation Instructions

Ear Gear Mini Installation Instructions

Ear Gear Micro, Mini, Original, and FM

Remove the earbud or ear mold from the hearing instrument. 

Insert the ear hook or tubing the large opening of the Ear Gear until it exits through the smaller opening. 

Reattach the earbud or ear mold. 

If Ear Gear is a corded model, attach clip to clothing.

Ear Gear Cochlear Installation Instructions

Ear Gear Cochlear

Insert the ear hook end of the cochlear processor through the long opening of the Ear Gear sleeve until it exits through the smaller opening at the top of the Ear Gear sleeve. 

Slip the Ear Gear over the body of the processor until the bottom of the processor is securely encased in the Ear Gear sleeve. 

If Ear Gear is a corded model, attach clip to clothing.

Ear Gear Rondo Installation Instructions

Ear Gear Rondo

Insert Rondo into opening in Ear Gear sleeve. 

Fully cover Rondo.

If Ear Gear is a corded model, attach clip to clothing.

Ear Gear Baha Installation Instructions

Ear Gear Baha

Insert the Baha into the open end of the Baha Ear Gear and push the plastic protrusion through the hole in the Baha Ear Gear. 

If Ear Gear is a corded model, attach the clip to clothing.

Ear Gear Eyeglasses Installation Instructions

Ear Gear Eyeglasses

With hearing instrument already inserted into the Ear Gear sleeve, slip the arm of glasses through the O ring(s). 

Please note some models of Ear Gear Eyeglasses have one O ring and others have two O rings. It is optional to use one or both O rings. 

If Ear Gear is a corded model, attach the clip to clothing.

Ear Gear ITE Installation Instructions

Ear Gear ITE

Open spring clasp and attach to eye loop on processor. 

Attach the clip to clothing.

Ear Gear Clip

Using the Ear Gear Cord and Clip

Lift the tab until jaws of the clip are fully open. Place clip on collar and push tab down until clip locks. 

Slide the O ring toward the head to cinch cords tighter to the head. 

For all your lifestyle needs

Ear Gear is an acoustically transparent water resistant, double wall spandex sleeve that, will radically improve your hearing instrument experience by protecting your instrument from, sweat, dirt, moisture, loss, and wind noise. 

The soft spandex material makes hearing instruments more comfortable to wear, preventing chafing, and it stops damage from clogged microphones and corroded batteries. 

Ear Gear is the perfect solution for infants and toddlers giving worried parents peace of mind. It also is just what the doctor ordered for active school age children, on the playground or around the house. 

Adults love Ear Gear too, the use it for dirty, dusty, or wet work environments Ear Gear is the right choice for working in the garden , while mowing the lawn, or during any sort of sporting or outdoor activity such as running, biking, hiking, or fishing. 

Seniors find Ear Gear gives them peace of mind as they always can locate their hearing instruments. This makes Ear Gear a must for any resident of a nursing home. 

Yes, Ear Gear works for everyone.

Ear Gear ITE has been a lifesaver! The cord with the clip attachment helps the staff at my mom's care home to keep track of her hearing aids. Previously they have been found nonfunctioning in the clothes dryer. Best of all my mom can hear again. 

- Diane Stepaniuk

I was recently on a hiking trip through a really overgrown trail, and Ear Gear prevented me from losing my hearing aids on at least 3 occasions when the wet branches swept a hearing aid from my ear. Ear Gear gives me peace of mind! 

- John Young

I love wearing Ear Gear because it helps protect my hearing devices from sweat while I play sports. Thanks for making such an important and effective product!

- Brady Gudauskas

With her Ear Gear we no longer have to worry about Zoe losing her hearing aids. Now she can wear them at all waking hours of the day, no matter where she is and who she is with. 

Thank you for making such a cool, stylish, and innovative product! 

- Zoe Clarin

I go to the beach every weekend and have, in the past, worried about the sand and salt air affecting my hearing aids. No more! I highly recommend Ear Gear for the protection they provide whether I am working out, dancing or going to the beach. Ear Gear is a very worthwhile investment for such a huge investment.

- Stephanie League

I use Ear Gear all the time; during fishing, sailing in rain, strong winds, any kind of weather without any problems. Ear Gear has contributed immensely to my quality of life, and I now enjoy all my sports without worry.

- John Young

Rated #1

In a survey of 286 parents, by audiologist's Dr Karen Anderson and Dr. Jane Madell, Ear Gear was rated the #1 security device for hearing instruments. 

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