Using Ear Gear

Putting Ear Gear on your hearing instrument

Dealing with Moisture

The Ear Gear sleeve will retain moisture until it becomes saturated. Think of Ear Gear like your clothes - once it's wet, you should change the sleeve and let it dry out. This will ensure that your hearing instrument remains protected. 

What is the o-ring used for on a Corded Model?

The o-ring on our Corded models are designed to slide up against your head. This will prevent the hearing instrument from 'flopping' off your ears. It can also help tidy up the cords. For more info, check out this video. 

Reverse Loading

Reverse loading allows you to install your Ear Gear on any hearing instrument without having to remove the earmold or earbud. There are two steps: 
  1. Turn the Ear Gear sleeve with the wide opening upward and slide the hearing instrument into the sleeve. 
  2. Push the hearing instrument into the sleeve until completely covered. 

Cleaning Ear Gear

Since Ear Gear is made of spandex, it can be washed many times and still maintain its elasticity. We recommend handwashing Ear Gear in warm water with a mild detergent (no bleach), rinsing it off, and letting it dry. 

If you'd like to put your Ear Gear in the washing machine, you can pick up one of our Ear Gear Washing Pouches. Simply put your Ear Gear in the pouch, pull the o-ring to tighten the top of the pouch, tie a knot and throw it in the washing machine with your clothes. Make sure to grab them and let them air dry (please don't run them through a dryer). 

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