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Ordering by Mail, Fax or Phone

Looking to order by mail or fax. Please call us at 1-888-766-1838 or email us at  info@gearforears.com and we will assist you in placing your order.

Order Status

When we ship your order, we will email you a tracking number so you can stay updated on your Ear Gear while it makes its way to you.

Changing or Canceling Orders

The fastest way to change or cancel an order is to reach out to us through our live chat on the site. If the order has not been shipped yet, we are happy to change or cancel your order. If it has been sent out, then you can return or exchange your Ear Gear.

Privacy & Security

We take both your privacy and security very seriously. For specifics on what type of information we collect and why we collect, you can view our Privacy Policy

Ordering through the Ear Gear website is secure and safe. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to communicate between your browser and our payment processors, and our vendors meet the highest levels of PCI compliance. No credit card information is ever stored on Ear Gear servers. 

Mixed Colors

If you're wanting to mix and match the colors of your Ear Gear sleeves - say, a red sleeve and a blue sleeve - you can do that through our Custom Order page. Custom Orders have several additional colors outside of our standard colors, so you can find a color combination that matches your personality.

Do keep in mind that we do not provide exchanges or refunds on Custom Orders. 

Mixed Sizes

If you have a different sized hearing instrument for each ear, please contact us through email or our Live Chat. We can accommodate this, but will want to confirm a few things with you first to ensure that we create the right Ear Gear for you. 

Do keep in mind that we do not provide exchanges or refunds on Custom Orders.

Worldwide Partners

There are hearing clinics worldwide who carry Ear Gear, as well as Distributors who sell to both professionals and retail customers. To locate a partner near you, check out our Partner Listings.

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